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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Getting ready with my Amazingly Beautiful Bridesmaids! 

This is a special blog shout-out posting to my amazing bridesmaids, my day was more wonderful than I expected thanks to all your support and hard work. 
My amazing Maid of Honor and sister, Brittany, thank you for all the planning of my bachelorette and bridal shower. They were wonderful and memorable, and credit goes to your party planning skills and I appreciate you being there through this stressful process. You are the worlds most amazing sister and friend. 

To my Best Friend, Syringa, you were amazing in stepping up and doing the things I needed done without asking. Helping with my bridal shower, cleaning up the wedding in the pouring rain, and making the most adorable corn hole bags for my wedding day! You are a truly my PIC (partner in crime).

Allison, I am so appreciative for your support and willingness to put up with my constant venting. The validation and understanding I received was so helpful to making this an enjoyable process. Your honesty was refreshing and you sided with me, even when wrong. You were ready to help me with anything from attending flower appointments to spray painting bottles. I am in debt to you for all the amazing things you did to make my day perfect!

Kara, the most beautiful woman and pregnancy suits you. I wasn't the only one glowing on my wedding day. Thank you for all the hard work and and support, when you yourself are going through a monumental time in your life as well. Thank you for contributing to my unique and fun wedding day. 

My bridesmaids were so supportive through this whole process! All the days leading up to the wedding were enjoyable and with the help of my bridesmaids, I rarely felt stressed. They provided listening ears when I needed to explore and seek validation. 

Below are the getting ready photos and it was a perfect beginning to my day...

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I said Yes - Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are suppose to help set the tone for a wedding. As far as wedding planning, engagement photos are the fun part. You get to announce your union to the world, and women get to spoil themselves with a couple cute new outfits! My groom, like most men in general, was not super excited with the idea of pictures, but what I didn't know was how well my groom photographed! He looked very handsome and I was amazed by our finished product! This helped set the relationship with our awesome photographer and both our engagement photos and our wedding photos are exactly what I wanted. 

I love to shop and I have a boho laid back look. I choose "Free People" dresses for my outfits! They look awesome and it turned out better than I expected. Josh and I met playing volleyball and incorporated that into our shoot as well! The whole thing was just perfect!

My first outfit (and favorite) was a sparkly free people pink skirt with gold sequins! 

My next outfit was a lacy short sleeved cream dress that I paired with a flower crown and a belt! This dress was beautiful and Josh proposed we go to the court house now! For the beauty of the shot I took a leap into the river, but it wasn't harmed thank goodness!

I tried to keep within my wedding color scheme (Blush and Gold) but this next dress was so pretty and the green really complemented the scenery! I made an exception!

It was a beautiful day that gave me pictures that will hang on the walls, reminding me of great memories of how we got started!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ashua is Born

Ashley + Joshua = Ashua

My wedding was everything I had dreamed of! My theme was Vintage Boho Garden Party! My colors were mostly gold and blush but I wasn't afraid to go outside my color scheme if it meant staying true to my theme! I absolutely fell in LOVE with Anthropologie's wedding line BHLDN. It was unique and screamed vintage, the dresses and decorations were exactly what I wanted. My day was made perfect by the sweetest groom I could ask for, an amazing group of bridesmaids, parents that I am so blessed to have, and a huge group of supportive friends and family!

Listening to the advice of brides, I wanted to enjoy my day! The resounding advice I got was that many brides try so hard for a perfect day, that they miss out on the enjoyment and memories. I have the best memories of my wedding and while I may not have greeted every single person, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My photographer (Victoria Greener) was out of this world, she got my aesthetic and we meshed together perfectly! I am so thankful for her amazing photographs that were able to capture Josh and I's loving and goofy sides! I didn't want to be a typical bride and my idea of weddings was so far outside the box, but Victoria got me.

I added little things to my wedding day to make sure my guests had a good time, I know some people dread weddings and I wanted mine to be fun. A popcorn stand was created, with different seasonings that was given a lot of thumbs up. We also decided with as many people as we had, lawn games would make it more enjoyable for people. My best friend, Syringa hand sewed the bags for Corn-Hole and Josh made the boards. We were also gifted Montana Golf set that we put out at the wedding.

I might have gone overboard on decorations, as I still am trying to unload stuff I bought that never made it out of the package, but I have zero regrets. It was the best day of my life, getting to marry the only man who gets me to my core, and sharing it with all the people who have impacted my life! If I could do it over, I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you so much in sharing in my wedding bliss!