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Sunday, October 26, 2014

I said Yes - Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are suppose to help set the tone for a wedding. As far as wedding planning, engagement photos are the fun part. You get to announce your union to the world, and women get to spoil themselves with a couple cute new outfits! My groom, like most men in general, was not super excited with the idea of pictures, but what I didn't know was how well my groom photographed! He looked very handsome and I was amazed by our finished product! This helped set the relationship with our awesome photographer and both our engagement photos and our wedding photos are exactly what I wanted. 

I love to shop and I have a boho laid back look. I choose "Free People" dresses for my outfits! They look awesome and it turned out better than I expected. Josh and I met playing volleyball and incorporated that into our shoot as well! The whole thing was just perfect!

My first outfit (and favorite) was a sparkly free people pink skirt with gold sequins! 

My next outfit was a lacy short sleeved cream dress that I paired with a flower crown and a belt! This dress was beautiful and Josh proposed we go to the court house now! For the beauty of the shot I took a leap into the river, but it wasn't harmed thank goodness!

I tried to keep within my wedding color scheme (Blush and Gold) but this next dress was so pretty and the green really complemented the scenery! I made an exception!

It was a beautiful day that gave me pictures that will hang on the walls, reminding me of great memories of how we got started!

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